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  • by Ezio Manzini
    The on-going transition asks for diffuse design capabilities. And therefore for an original knowledge: design knowledge capable to feed the broad co-design processes that will have to drive the needed socio-technical changes. Where and how is this design knowledge produced? Where and how will it be produced in future, given that the demand for it will inevitably grow in the transition towards sustainability? The traditional answer falls on the existence of (and need to develop) public and private research centers. However, in my view, this answer is incomplete, and more importantly it leads us to think that the design research we are talking about can be limited to a few research professionals. In a connected world this is no longer so. In a connected world designing networks also tend to become design research networks: research networks that produce “constructive enquiry” at their nodes.

  • by Anna Meroni, International Coordinator
    Dear DESISers, it seems that the (im)possible mission of turning DESIS into an Association is almost accomplished: the “constitution paper” with the new statute of DESIS signed by the initial founding members is about to be back at home in Politecnico for the formal establishment of the association. This means that soon we can start with the formal applications by the existing Labs and with the requests for application of the new labs that are in the pipeline. But, we do not want to make it just a formal act. We aim to make it an opportunity to update the network about what’s going on in the different labs and to open up new challenges.

Helsinki Showcase, and a growing Network

by Andrea Mendoza

The trees of Finnland embraced those who attended the past DESIS Forum and social innovation meetings in Helsinki. This, thanks to the CUMULUS - DESIS partnership, within the space of the Northern Mandate Conference 2012.

SIX Global Dialogue: If design for social innovation was a method, what would it look like?

Six Global Dialogue

by Kine Nordstokka (SIX Project developer)

If Design for Social Innovation was a method, what would it look like?
This is the title of the SIX Global Conversation which will (via TelePresence technology) bring together participants from London, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, Glasgow, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Nairobi, Adelaide, Sydney and Seoul.


DESIS Extra: Expert workshop on sustainable lifestyles in 2050

On May 24th morning, from 10 to 13 am the DESIS network hosts an expert workshop for reflecting on the scenarios for sustainable lifestyles in 2050, which are being proposed in the EU project SPREAD 2050 (

Since January 2011 the SPREAD Sustainable Lifestyles 2050 project has been developing scenarios of alternative future societies that support more sustainable ways of living in 2050. The scenarios are accompanied by a roadmap of action strategies 2012-2050 and opportunity spaces for different societal actors to enable these alternative lifestyles....

DESIS Forum/Showcase - Helsinki

DESIS Forum/Showcase is a project of the DESIS Network in collaboration with the Cumulus Association featuring an overview of initiatives in social innovation and sustainability in global design education.

Design for social innovation overview: projects, images, exchanges
Helsinki, May 26th, 2012, 10h00-13h00, at Aalto Univeristy, Helsinki, Finland,
Back-to-back with the Cumulus Conference: The Northern Mandate.

DESIS Philosophy Talk #1: Emerging Aesthetics

DESIS Philosophy Talk #1: "Emerging Aesthetics"
March 2nd 2012 Parsons, The New School for Design New York, U.S.A.

DESIS Philosophy Talks is a series of talks aimed at creating a dialogue between design for social innovation research and the disciplines of the social sciences and humanities. The purpose of this new initiative is to encourage a theoretical and philosophical discourse starting from the state of the art of design for social innovation and sustainability.


The full series of open lectures are available at DESIS Public & Collaborative initiative website ( 

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