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  • by Ezio Manzini
    I will introduce here Design When Everybody Designs (MIT Press, 2015). If I dare to do it, it is because I wrote this book mainly for DESIS and the DESIS-like communities. And, most importantly, because it will not exist without DESIS. That is, without the conversations I have had with several DESIS friends and colleagues and without the design knowledge they built with their projects and the collective reflections on them. Saying that, I do not mean that the whole DESIS community should share what this book proposes: the DESIS value is largely given by the variety ideas we can find in it. What this book aims to do is to work as platform for deeper discussions: a trigger and a facilitator for new generative conversations. That is, for the production of a new design culture.

  • by Anna Meroni
    Dear all, it’s a great pleasure to announce that DESIS has now become a cultural association, within the meaning of Art. 36 Italian Civil Code. The Art.1 of our new Statute affirms that our purpose “is to promote design for social innovation in higher education institutions with design discipline so as to generate useful design knowledge and to create meaningful social changes in collaboration with other stakeholders. The Association pursues its purpose by supporting the scientific research in the field of the design fostering and maintaining the exchange of scientific information and views among the members and with other institutions, exchange of scientists, promotion of young scientists (doctoral students) and use of existing research infrastructures.

Secret Garden Party, on Power and Love - by John Thackara

In his new book Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change Adam Kahane explores why it is that some groups of people manage to solve such complex problems - while others stumble, or fall. 'To co-create new social realities, we have to work with two distinct fundamental forces that are in tension: power and love’ Kahane writes; “Power in this sense is the drive to achieve one’s purpose, to get one’s job done, to grow. Love is the drive towards the unity of the separated... the drive to reconnect and make whole that which has become or appears fragmented”.

DESIS Japan_ Preliminary Steps at the Destination 2022 Design for Sustainability Conference in Japan

The 5th International Conference of Design for Sustainability, also known as Destination 2010-2022, will be held on February 26 and 27, 2011 in Yamagata city, northern part of Japan.


DESIS Cases New Wuxi and New Life (NeWu)

NeWu is an ongoing explorative framework project promoted by School of Design, Jiangnan University (JU) and other partners, stakeholders. It aims to promote new sustainable lifestyles with radical change towards sustainability by identifying, intervening and generating sustainable initials, proposals, projects for harmonious society in the area of Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. The project strategy is to define and network the diffused positive initials as the basic resource on one hand, and to generate and synergy the adapted new proposals towards the local problems on another. There are three basic elements in the framework project. They are “Urban everyday life”, “Rural-Urban relationship” and “Ubiquitous networking”. The first two are the approaches to reach the goal of project, the last one is the enabling technologies to do so.

Desis Newsletter 3 : News from our partners

The emergent DESIS Australia has started its engines with a series of discussions and events with which they aim at consolidating a big dot on the network.  As they describe themselves:??

DESIS India Forum and Kick-off Meeting

The first meeting organized under DESIS-India network, a round table discussion, held at Bangalore on 29th September 2010, was well attended with over 60 participants from diverse disciplines, professons and places. The meeting was well appreciated and it served its objective, as the first meeting, to exchange and share our views and experiences and importantly, develop the action plan for the next one year.


The full series of open lectures are available at DESIS Public & Collaborative initiative website ( 

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