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  • by Ezio Manzini
    The on-going transition asks for diffuse design capabilities. And therefore for an original knowledge: design knowledge capable to feed the broad co-design processes that will have to drive the needed socio-technical changes. Where and how is this design knowledge produced? Where and how will it be produced in future, given that the demand for it will inevitably grow in the transition towards sustainability? The traditional answer falls on the existence of (and need to develop) public and private research centers. However, in my view, this answer is incomplete, and more importantly it leads us to think that the design research we are talking about can be limited to a few research professionals. In a connected world this is no longer so. In a connected world designing networks also tend to become design research networks: research networks that produce “constructive enquiry” at their nodes.

  • by Anna Meroni, International Coordinator
    Dear DESISers, it seems that the (im)possible mission of turning DESIS into an Association is almost accomplished: the “constitution paper” with the new statute of DESIS signed by the initial founding members is about to be back at home in Politecnico for the formal establishment of the association. This means that soon we can start with the formal applications by the existing Labs and with the requests for application of the new labs that are in the pipeline. But, we do not want to make it just a formal act. We aim to make it an opportunity to update the network about what’s going on in the different labs and to open up new challenges.

Piloting digital storytelling and action research as an approach to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy and behaviour change

Piloting digital storytelling and action research as an approach to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy and behaviour change,
Report authored by Margaret Gearty and Michelle Williams

A report has been released today detailing a research project commissioned by DEFRA and conducted by the University of Bath that explored the effectiveness of digital storytelling, conveyed through the use of short video clips, as a means to stimulate pro-environmental advocacy amongst the 50 plus age group.

Taksim Solidarity - public protests in Istanbul

In response to the public protests in the past days spanning to many cities in Turkey which started with the government action on the 27th of May 2013 to demolish a valuable and much needed green area at the centre of Istanbul, Taksim-Gezi Park, to re-build a replica of an old military barracks building to serve as a shopping mall, DESIS, the International network of schools of design would like to express their solidarity with the actions of the civil initiative Taksim Dayanışması (Solidarity) following this matter from the start.


DESIS @ Kalmar, 6 - 8 June, 2013

Day 1. June 6, 19.00-21.00 Kalmar Theatre, Larmtorget 1

DESIS Meeting (for DESIS members and friends)
1. Activities
- What has been done in the 2012-2013 and next steps
- Thematic Clusters: on-going and future initiatives
- Philosophy Talks and Showcases: on-going and future initiatives
- other possible initiaitves: toolkits, video, other?

2. Organization
- DESIS Labs: new entries
- DESIS Network governance: the state of the debate

NB. at the end of the meeting Thematic Clusters promoters and interested other colleagues will have the possibility to continue the discussion in separate gorups.

Ageing & Ingenuity (A&I) - Call for Design Stories

At NORDES 2013 Design Research Conference, one of the new DESIS Clusters, Ageing & Ingenuity (A&I) will conduct a workshop on the 11th June 2013. This collective design workshop aims to provoke and test new design approaches towards ageing.
We are looking for design stories that show how can design thinking and collaborative working enable the world to respond differently to the challenges of ageing. We propose a full day workshop. Morning session is devoted to an introduction to the workshop and design stories from participants. Each participants need to prepare a story of an ingenious older people from their project. All these real-world life stories of creative people will be formed into personas in first part of the afternoon. The result of the workshop is expected to form a collective design manual for the future ageing innovation.

Public & Collaborative

Following last year’s Public & Collaborative Days at the Design Biennale in Liège, the Public & Collaborative cluster is continuing its efforts to share the cluster's findings with design practitioners, educators and policymakers. Public & Collaborative: Exploring the Intersection of Design, Social Innovation and Public Policy, a booklet to be published in the coming weeks by the cluster, shares findings, research, analysis and case studies from the work of cluster-members across the globe.


The full series of open lectures are available at DESIS Public & Collaborative initiative website ( 

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